He is a musician and composer attempting an harmonius charming balance in photography.!
He attended a biennal course in multimedial graphics and found in photography his complete
fullfilment, his personal way to express himself

He took part in different contests with great praises

-First prize in “ Belluno Centro Storico Ex tempore prima durante e dopo” in 2011
-Second place in same contest further year (2012)
-Finalist at “Sky Gallery Art's di Barcellona” in 2014

He works with local associations and newspapers 
He makes shootings and photo books as freelance
He teaches basic and advanced photography courses; he also shares with students different
photography projects in order to give something more to the class, an experience wich makes his
students feeling in touch with what they’re studiyng

He loves getting involved and face new challlanges to bring out enthusiasm and magic.
“ I think composing in photography is a pretty similar to rhythm in music, if you have a lot of rhythm,
then you have a great sense in composition”. 

Description of the works!

1-Venice for lunch
Venice, January 2015

-2°C (28.4°F), but eating in S.Marco's square has no temperature.
2- Television wild

Belluno, January 2015
Futurism: far aways from home to delve into television.

3-Just a perfect day
Caorle (Venice), January 2013

A sunny warm winter day while chasing on the beach

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